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Frequently asked questions

This is where you may find the answer the most common questions  customers might have. If you don't see your question answered, feel free to reach out with your question!

What days are you open?

Union Market is open 7 days a week - spring, summer and fall.

It's rainy today, are you still open?

Yes, we are open rain or shine unless the weather is deemed unsafe and in that case we will temporarily close until conditions improve.

Is your produce organic?

This varies grower by grower and by the specific category, we would rather answer your questions accurately and in accordance with that's available on that particular day rather than possibly make an untrue claim.  Items should be marked "organic" if they are either certified organic or grown via organic practices.

Does Union Market accept EBT?

We are not currently set up to accept EBT or like kind benefits including vouchers.

What is your policy on milk bottle returns?

Homestead creamery mandates we charge a deposit on milk bottles, when you bring bottles back you will receive the deposit back in either cash or a credit on your order for the full amount of the deposit.  You can also return your empty milk bottles to any other Homestead Creamery retailer and receive your deposit back.  No purchase is required to receive your milk bottle deposit back.

What do you do with your unsold produce?

We work with a few community partners to distribute unsellable or damaged produce to our underserved community, if you would like more information on this please reach out to us.

Are pets allowed at your market?

Well behaved, leashed pets are permitted.

Can I set up and sell at your market?

No, we are not a multi vendor market, we do although always want to meet new prospective vendors and find out if your product would be a good fit for our concept.  Please reach out to us via:

When is chef Hunter onsite for his BBQ Saturdays?

We schedule a BBQ Saturday once a month, please see our upcoming event and social media for updates

Can I place an order for a special product or buy in bulk?

Yes, we will gladly do our best to accommodate your needs and requests.  Bulk pricing is available by the case, we generally have extra cases for this purpose or we can fill your order by the next day, please give us a call to find out pricing and availability.

I have a question or problem with a product I purchased?

Our friendly staff members are available to answer your questions, please give us a call at 704-843-0227.  if a quality issue is your concern we stand behind our products and will offer a replacement or refund based on the issue and customers needs.

Are you getting that special corn this year?

For several years we brought in corn from the mid west region in late August, this was very popular once a year event.  Over the last few years we have not had the resources to do this for logistical reasons and the rise in fuel prices.  We unfortunately do not have the time to drive 16 hours one way and make a 4 days trip during our peak season.  There is always a chance this ill change and if that does, our customers will be the first to know!

What's in season?

This chart is a good reference point of when our North and South Carolina fruits and vegetables are in season.  We bring in selected fruits and vegetable from other regions and states when not available from our local growers.  Transparency and honesty is a core value of how we market our products.  It is always important to say, there are items that we sell that just are not locally grown, ever such as avocados, bananas, and pineapples for example.  If you ever have a questions please don't hesitate to ask or look in the bottom right hand part of the Union Market price tag to see the true origin and farm of the product.

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